Segway Ninebot S Pro White


  • 22KM/h Top Speed

  • 25KM Range

  • IP54 Water Resistant

  • 10.5" Air Filled Tyres

  • Head and Tail Lights

  • 15% Hill Grade

  • App Control

  • Precision sensor for easier handling & Adaptive to road obstacles

  • Able Transforms into a GoKart with Segway-Ninebot GoKart Kit

1,099.00 1099.0 AUD


Option not available

Segway Ninebot S Pro White

1,099.00 1099.0 AUD


Option not available

Revolutionize The Way You Move

Get on the Ninebot by Segway S-PRO and keep improving – push your limits. Customize your ride, travel in style and measure your improvements through the Ninebot by Segway App. It's something else than your regular hoverboard. Don't worry about hitting a bump or a patch of sand or grass on the pavement. This Ninebot by Segway S-PRO is comfortable with many surfaces and types of terrain.

Discover the advantages of the Ninebot by Segway S-PRO's knee control bar. It offers precise steering and – when removed – makes it really easy to bring it along with you in any type of vehicle.

Don't worry about your footprint, this Ninebot by Segway S-PRO is environmentally friendly.

Reliable Safety Day & Night

Automatic headlights, customizable LED taillights, and a strict safety test ensure that you remain safe while riding, day or night, rain or shine.

High-Speed Transportation

The Ninebot by Segway S-PRO reaches top speeds of 10 miles per hour and travels distances up to 12.5 miles on a single charge! Create new ways to shop, commute, and get around.

Lightweight & Portable

It’s easy to carry and ready to store in a car trunk. The knee control bar can be quickly detached to make the base fit in small spaces in a pinch.

Learn to Ride in Minutes

You don’t need hours of practice to ride like a pro. Precision sensors and our innovative knee control bar allow you to maneuver better than ever.

Phone App Control

Lock your S-PRO, adjust light colors, modify safety features, upgrade firmware, run vehicle diagnostics, and even remotely command your S-PRO to move.

Adapt to Road Obstacles

The 800-watt dual motor is engineered to overcome humps, slopes, and other everyday obstacles without sacrificing safety and stability.

Custom Fit & Max Comfort

The padded knee control bar and adjustable height feature allows riders of all shapes and sizes to maneuver the electric scooter comfortably.

The laws regarding the use of electric scooters vary between states/territories. Public use isn’t permitted in all states/territories and licensing/registration requirements may apply. Customers should review these laws before purchasing an electric scooter. Safety equipment (including helmets and protective gear) should always be worn when using electric scooters.

Length x width 10.3 x 21.5in (262 x 546 mm)
Height[1] 25–37in (645–955 mm)
Payload 88-220 lbs(40-100 kg )
Net Approx. 28 lbs(12.8 kg)
Recommended Age 16 - 60 years
Required Height 4'3"-6'6"(130-200 cm)
Maximum speed Approx. 10mph(16 km/h)
Typical range[2] Approx. 12.5 mi (20 km)
Maximum slope Approx. 15°
Machine Parameters
Beginner mode Can be disabled or enabled via App after 0.6 mi (1 km) of riding.
Traversable terrain Hard roads. flat concrete roads,
slopes of less than 15 degrees,
obstacles not higher than 1 cm,
and gaps no more than 3 cm wide
Operating temperature 14-104°F(-10-40°C)
Storage temperature -4-122° F(-20-50°C)
IP rating IP54
Rated voltage 54.8V
Maximum charging voltage 59.5V
Charging Temperature 32-104° F(0-40°C)
Rated capacity 236 Wh
Continuous discharge power[3] 1000W
SmartBMS Over-voltage, under-voltage, short circuit, and over-heating protection. Auto-sleep and auto-wake.
Rated power 400x2 W
Maximum power 800x2 W
Model Number HT-A10-120W-59.5V
Nominal Power 120 W
Input Voltage 100–240 VAC @ 50–60 Hz
Output Voltage 59.5 VDC
Output Current 2 A
Charging Temperature 32–104°F (0–40°C)
Charge Time 3 hours
Compliance FCC / UL

[1]Vehicle height: The distance from the ground to the highest point of the vehicle body.

[2] Typical range: Tested while riding under full power, 154 lbs(70 kg) load, 77"F(25°C), 9.3 mph(15 km/h) average speed on pavement.

[3] Continuous Discharge Power: Tested while under full power at 77° F(25°C). The value changes with temperature and remaining battery capacity. For example, the continuous discharge power drops to -80% of the maximum value at 10% remaining battery capacity, and the continuous discharge power drops to -70% of the maximum value at 32"F(0°C). Note: The tilde symbol(-) indicates that the following number is an approximation.

Limited Warranty Period

-    1 Year (Manufacturer)